Brand Therapy (3 Sessions)


Brand Therapy (3 Sessions)


Maybe you have been wondering why it feels like all of your competitors seem to be doing great without much traction happening in your own business? Maybe you're wondering why everyone around you seems so confident while you're feeling insecure about your abilities and your business? Maybe you are incredibly talented in your craft, but you are having a hard time understanding why you aren't booking the right clients? 

Welcome to Brand Therapy.
A space where we work to improve your mindset in relation to your business. We have worked with many clients and have found a direct connection between deeply rooted unhealthy thought patterns and how they affect every part of how their business and self is portrayed to the world.

With this package we will:

  • Have you fill out a detailed questionnaire followed by 3, 1-hour-long phone/Skype sessions where we work at identifying your top pain points and how they are directly impacting your business

  • Help you implement some habits and changes that will impact how your view yourself in relation to your brand

  • Help give you the confidence you need in your abilities and help you understand your place among your competition and why your unique gifting matters.

This is how we do it:

  • Book your Brand Therapy by clicking the PURCHASE button below

  • Within 48 hours of purchase you will receive an email with a deep dive Brand Therapy questionnaire and a link to schedule your 3 sessions along with some follow up instructions

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