Estee Lauder x Style Me Pretty

One of my final projects of 2018 consisted of a fun lifestyle shoot promoting Estee Lauder’s new fragrance, “Beautiful Belle”. We were hired as Creative Director and Stylist for this campaign and got to work alongside some of my favorite people. We built the story around ex-Bachelor contestant, Sharleen Joynt, and her charming husband of one year, Andy Levine (great choice, Sharleen— he is 100x nicer and more fun than Juan Pablo!) I was tasked to come up with three “moments” where we could share the fragrance. Our first “moment” was between Sharleen and her mom as they looked over year old wedding photos and reminisced about her big day.

Next, we took Sharleen & Andy to a cozy restaurant, The Osprey at 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, for a celebratory lunch where Andy thoughtfully gifted Sharleen with the new fragrance and some flowers.

Finally, we got them all dolled up and ready for a night out on the town in Brooklyn, swinging by our favorite spot to take photos in front of the Manhattan Bridge.

Here are a few more stills we took of the product to enhance the story. Such a fun and different experience working for a big brand like Estee Lauder! We loved the experience and hope for many more in our future.

As seen on Style Me Pretty

Photography: Judy Pak Studio

Creative Direction/Styling: Veronica Rogers

Hair & Make Up: Anna Breeding

Location: The Osprey, 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Clothing Brands: Alexandra Grecco, ANTHOM, Sezane, Lele Sadoughi

Floral: B Floral

BEAUTY: Branding

We have worked with a number of brands, helping them create content that will propel them to the next level in their respective field. One of the ways we do this is through a deep dive assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, competitors, and pinpointing where they want to go with their business. We want a brand’s strengths to shine through and we see our role as helping give insight and direction to what they need to display to take their design to the next level. Working with Anna Breeding on creating make up and hair looks that would expand her editorial portfolio, while also showcasing a range of her skills, was our main goal for this brand shoot.

Photographer, Stephanie Williams, and I worked on putting together a list of the strongest looks that we could test on these four models. We had Anna start with a Clean Beauty/Natural look for each and we gradually worked our way up to bolder editorial looks.

To round out the beauty stories we were telling, we took a number of full body looks. This was one of my favorite shoots for a number of reasons- but one being that my friend Anna is so incredibly talented and I wanted to create a context for her to show off her mad skills- and two, creative direction for purely beauty looks is a new world for me- so getting to stretch myself creatively was amazing.

Fall Essentials

My current obsessions this Fall- from outfit inspiration to what I’m listening to. I always love seeing what others are wearing, beauty products they’re loving, podcasts they are listening to- so I figured I would do my own Fall inspiration post.


Top Left: Gelareh Mizrahi “Thank You” Bodega Bag, Top Right: Loeffler Randall “Gema Bootie”, Bottom Left: Madewell “Emmett” Pant, Bottom Right: Giuliva Heritage Collection Jacket


Top Left: Uriage Roseline Face Wash, Top Right: RMS Magic Luminizer, Bottom Left: Olio E Osso No. 4 Berry Cheek Stain, Bottom Right: Marc Jacobs Eye Pencil


Left: How I Built This Podcast, Right: Autumn Days Spotify Playlist by Jamie Beck, Ann Street Studio


Top Left: Cherry Bombe Cookbook, Top Right: Le Labo Santal 26 Candle, Bottom Left: Goop Vitamins “Why Am I So Effing Tired”, Bottom Right: Honey Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

Better With Age

A few years back I had an old friend comment on an Instagram post and call me out on never having any older models on my feed. She was commenting that older women get married, too- and there is a massive under-representation in the bridal world of brides who aren't young, thin, white, and blonde. Her comment stung when I read it, initially, because deep down I knew she was right- I had a major beauty bias and it showed through the pictures that were represented on my Instagram.

I realized I needed to do some soul searching on why I only showed young, thin, white models. I realized I grew up in a culture that praised those traits as the ultimate beauty. I was caught up in a world that told me that if you have an extra roll or an extra wrinkle, to hide it and get rid of it.

When I started this new business I really wanted to change that. I was (and am still) embarrassed for the lack of diversity I show in my work- and I know this isn't just my problem. It is the whole editorial/fashion/Instagram world at large. That is what inspired this shoot I put together with Sarah Bradshaw. Just a simple test shoot, but it reminded me that beauty is so much more than what we see in magazines. All of us who are in the editorial world of creating content and imagery have a responsibility to represent different cultures, ages, sizes- to normalize beauty as being found within our differences. It will help remind us all that beauty, although exists physically, is more a celebration of our differences.