LOOM CURATED: A Method to give life to your Brand

Loom Curated is a workshop started by my friend and brilliant stylist/teacher, Ginny Au. She has created a workshop experience for both stylists & photographers unlike any other I’ve seen and I am so excited to (finally!) share some of the images I helped create with you here.

Loom is built around the idea that you can and should infuse authenticity when creating a visual story for your brand. Loom is a method of creating an experience and styled space for the subjects of your photograph to be able to move authentically within the space, and for the photographer to exist outside the space and interact very little with the subject while shooting him/her/them. This method has given me a new way of interacting with brands as a whole, as well as while working with photographers and models, alike.

Ginny, after having previously worked together, had invited me onto the team to help style and assist in concepting a few of the brand stories. What an honor it was to work with the whole Loom Team. Here are some images of the work we did together:


JONESY: An undies line that creates minimal, sporty undies & bralettes you can fall in love with.

Images by: Tess Comrie


HONEST JOHN BITTERS CO: Small batch. Handcrafted.

Images: Erich McVey & Heather Nan


L’Officine Universelle Buly: Parisian beauty products at their finest.

Images: Erich McVey

These were the main three brands I had the privilege of having a bigger role of involvement with the styling, but there were three other FULL shoots at this workshop! So much incredible content and so much to learn. I have never seen people work as hard as this amazing Loom Team (shoutout to Tess, Kaela, Lauren, & Heather!) and I am so excited to be involved in the next one. Location to be announced soon!