One of the areas we have been focusing heavily on is working with the hotel industry, particularly bigger hotel brands, to update and elevate their imagery content for their website and social. A lot of these classic and well-known brands have imagery that just feels out of date and haven't really kept up with the current trends that a lot of the younger generations are buying into. Particularly with the influx of the perfectly curated Pinterest weddings, a lot of these bigger venues that use to sell themselves by name and reputation alone, are having to up their imagery game to help future brides envision their perfect wedding day taking place in their event spaces.

This particular shoot we did was to update some wedding images for The Ritz Carlton. The task was to create a "Brunch Wedding" that still fits within the Ritz Carlton brand and vibe, but feels more updated, fun, and bright. Here are a few of the images we came up with. Not my typical style, but we also work hard to create imagery that fits within the brand's standards and I think these images did just that:

Credits: Photography: Greg Powers, Art Direction & Styling: Veronica Rogers for Type A Society, Flowers: Lori Tran for Wild Green Yonder

As seen in Engaged Magazine.