BRANDING: Sophie Felts Floral Design

Working with Sophie Felts Floral Design, we were brought in to help refine their brand and assist their team in showcasing what was already very present in their business. Branding, done well, dives deep into the heart of the business and brings out what already exists in its best form and helps give understanding in how to showcase it to the world.

With Sophie Felts- we found a team of floral designers and enthusiasts deeply committed to 1. creating florals on a large scale for weddings and events, 2. providing fulfilling jobs that pay a salary for women, and 3. a team devoted to bringing joy to a world that needs it. Sophie Felts Floral Design, a year ago, had all of those characteristics at their core, but had a harder time understanding how to show that to the people they wanted to reach. In reality, they are a big time floral production studio with full-time employees and large-scale projects. They wanted their branding to reflect what was actually happening within their studio walls.

They fell right into the category of our ideal clientele because their talent and passion is real- I believe that everyone, I repeat- EVERY BRAND, at some point, needs an outsider to come in and speak into the various outlets they are using to reach their ideal clientele if they want to strengthen and grow. Even as experts at assessing other brands, we still bring people in who we trust to do the same for us on a regular basis because we know how much value it provides having a subjective eye look into your message your putting forward and your brand.

In every team we work with we begin by defining who they are and who their ideal client is and we build a color story and mood around who they are aiming to reach combined with the feelings of the brand. We did a ton of work and coaching before landing on their story. Then we worked to create a cohesive brand that shows the incredibly high-end, refined floral work that they can create for any and all events. We also worked to show a cohesive team to their audience- one that is capable of pulling off big events- one that is devoted to strengthening women- one that is present for the sake of bringing joy into this weary world.

Here is a peek into some of the work we did with Sophie Felts Floral Design. I hope you, too, can see what I described above come to life in the imagery and video below:

-Imagery Branding -Brand Strategy -Brand Deep Dive -Video Storytelling -Logo Design

See the video we created with our friends at Citygate Films here:

Photoshoot Credits:

Photography: Jodi & Kurt Photography

Floral: Sophie Felts Floral Design

Creative Direction/Styling: Veronica Rogers

Video: Citygate Films

Rentals: La Tavola, Something Vintage

Dress: Carolina Herrera from Carine’s Bridal Atelier

LOOM CURATED: A Method to give life to your Brand

Loom Curated is a workshop started by my friend and brilliant stylist/teacher, Ginny Au. She has created a workshop experience for both stylists & photographers unlike any other I’ve seen and I am so excited to (finally!) share some of the images I helped create with you here.

Loom is built around the idea that you can and should infuse authenticity when creating a visual story for your brand. Loom is a method of creating an experience and styled space for the subjects of your photograph to be able to move authentically within the space, and for the photographer to exist outside the space and interact very little with the subject while shooting him/her/them. This method has given me a new way of interacting with brands as a whole, as well as while working with photographers and models, alike.

Ginny, after having previously worked together, had invited me onto the team to help style and assist in concepting a few of the brand stories. What an honor it was to work with the whole Loom Team. Here are some images of the work we did together:


JONESY: An undies line that creates minimal, sporty undies & bralettes you can fall in love with.

Images by: Tess Comrie


HONEST JOHN BITTERS CO: Small batch. Handcrafted.

Images: Erich McVey & Heather Nan


L’Officine Universelle Buly: Parisian beauty products at their finest.

Images: Erich McVey

These were the main three brands I had the privilege of having a bigger role of involvement with the styling, but there were three other FULL shoots at this workshop! So much incredible content and so much to learn. I have never seen people work as hard as this amazing Loom Team (shoutout to Tess, Kaela, Lauren, & Heather!) and I am so excited to be involved in the next one. Location to be announced soon!


We teamed up with The Line Hotel DC- one of the newer hotels in the DC area- for a photoshoot to create content to promote and showcase their brand, and more specifically their Master Suite. One thing I absolutely love about The Line Hotel brand is that they are totally “outside the box” thinkers in the hotel world. The design is community oriented and thoughtful and they are incredibly inclusive in their response to design. They source all of their art from the local community in DC, they are extremely active in the local community and are dedicated to their restaurants and every component of the hotel and design to reflect the local community. It, therefore, creates a space that feels comfortable and reflective of the diversity of the clientele it draws in.

We were tasked to create a Lifestyle Story that aligned with the goals of the hotel, while also creatively displaying the space in a way that would draw in future consumers of the space. When coming up with the concept I asked myself questions like “what is my dream scenario utilitzing this space?”, “who is the clientele that would want to book this room?”. I broke down the story into a few components you will see below:

The overall story revolves around a newly engaged couple and how they would spend their time if they had 24 hours to spend and celebrate in The Line Hotel Master Suite.




So whether it is a space, product, or person- we are masters of creating a relatable story through images to evoke emotion and desire. Ask yourself how we could potentially help draw out the best in your brand, knowing we are adept and skilled at creating within your brand standards and requirements.

As seen in Rue Magazine.

Photography: Judy Pak Studio

Creative Direction/Styling: Veronica Rogers

Flowers: Lori Tran

Hotel: The Line Hotel DC

Food: A Rake’s Progress

Hair & Make Up: Anna Breeding

Estee Lauder x Style Me Pretty

One of my final projects of 2018 consisted of a fun lifestyle shoot promoting Estee Lauder’s new fragrance, “Beautiful Belle”. We were hired as Creative Director and Stylist for this campaign and got to work alongside some of my favorite people. We built the story around ex-Bachelor contestant, Sharleen Joynt, and her charming husband of one year, Andy Levine (great choice, Sharleen— he is 100x nicer and more fun than Juan Pablo!) I was tasked to come up with three “moments” where we could share the fragrance. Our first “moment” was between Sharleen and her mom as they looked over year old wedding photos and reminisced about her big day.

Next, we took Sharleen & Andy to a cozy restaurant, The Osprey at 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, for a celebratory lunch where Andy thoughtfully gifted Sharleen with the new fragrance and some flowers.

Finally, we got them all dolled up and ready for a night out on the town in Brooklyn, swinging by our favorite spot to take photos in front of the Manhattan Bridge.

Here are a few more stills we took of the product to enhance the story. Such a fun and different experience working for a big brand like Estee Lauder! We loved the experience and hope for many more in our future.

As seen on Style Me Pretty

Photography: Judy Pak Studio

Creative Direction/Styling: Veronica Rogers

Hair & Make Up: Anna Breeding

Location: The Osprey, 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Clothing Brands: Alexandra Grecco, ANTHOM, Sezane, Lele Sadoughi

Floral: B Floral