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Art Direction / Veronica Rogers

Veronica Rogers

Creative Director

With a deep understanding of people and their motivations, Veronica takes a holistic approach to design and connects brands to their customers by elevating their imagery in new and unexpected ways.  She has designed covers for magazines, created editorials for lifestyle clientele, and helped brands grow their audience by concepting and creating their visual stories. Combining her stylist’s eye and creative director’s intuition, Veronica is adept in spotting weaknesses and filling in the gaps where needed. With a graduate degree in Social Work and her thoughtful creativity - Veronica’s ability to get to the heart of a brand is unparalleled.


Kristina Temple

Operations Director

Responsible for leading all new business and strategy development, Kristina is the perfect blend of business savvy and design acumen, exceeding the needs of clients while maintaining the studio’s day-to-day operations.

With a background in Engineering, and a keen perfectionist’s eye, Kristina is the go-to “doer” for all facets of the business. Her mission is to represent each client with an exceptional level of service and reliability.

Art Direction / Veronica Rogers
Art Direction / Veronica Rogers
Did we mention that we're sisters?

We’ve been working on projects together since our early fort-building days. Growing up with two extremely creative parents — an artist father, and an Iranian interior designer mother — we had strong cultural and creative influences from day one. If you’ve seen us in action, you know how much we love to laugh and keep a lightheartedness to our work. 

We’ve found the more relaxed we can keep our collaborators, the better the final product. Our combined passion is to understand people and bring out who they are in the products, places, and stories they are trying to sell. Our intuition, confidence, and incredible visual taste creates a combination that is ideal for imagery branding.


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