I was scouring Pinterest earlier this week to find some great recipes for cocktails for the holiday season. I found a few that look amazing! I love making a signature cocktail when I have people over, and I think these Christmas-y-inspired recipes are sure to be a hit with my friends & family.

blood orange kombuchjito // buttered rum // rosemary-infused holiday cocktail // bourbon egg nog


GOLD EVERYTHING // nov 26 2013

gold gold gold. ’tis the season to make all things shiny and bright! i’ve been going gold-crazy (this is one trend i hope doesn’t go away for a long time) and i put together a small board of some of the gold items on my christmas list this year. enjoy!

madewell arrowhead necklace ($58.50), one king’s lane gold star ($19), one king’s lane three level box ($75), west elm gold pinecone garland ($14.99), west elm gold flatware ($23)

a few favorite meals in dc / nov 12 2013

I want to start keeping track of my favorite meals in DC. Living in Arlington, five minutes outside of DC, I feel privileged to be near such a growing foodie scene. Here are a few of my all-time favorite meals. Stay tuned for more ‘favorite meal’ posts to come!

1) La Chaumiere– it surprises me every year how little credit amongst dc’s top restaurants this receives. A favorite of my grandma who taught me everything I know about food & wine, there is no place I’d rather go on a cold wintery night for some fair-priced, well-executed french cuisine. Cozy up near the fireplace with a big glass of Cabernet and enjoy some classic foodie-foods. My favorites: the pike dumpling or baked mussels to start, the duck breast or rack of lamb as an entree, and the apple tart that is perfection to close out the meal. Simple and perfect.

2) Kapnos– new, but already well-loved, this amazing Greek restaurant by TopChef’s Mike Isabella is one of my top 3 meals ever. Come ready to spend some money, but leave feeling like every penny spent was well worth it. I like to order a bunch of small plates to try as much as i can (maybe the reason I spend so much when I go!). The octopus was insane. Scary to try, but by far the winner in my opinion. My favorites: melitzanosalata, bronzino, charred octopus, and the roasted duck phyllo pie.

3) Blacksalt- my all-time favorite for seafood, hands down. I have never had better fish anywhere else in the world. The menu changes often depending on what is in season, but you cannot go wrong here. The butterfish is a staple on the menu, and I highly recommend it. Also, if they have the thai mussels, always always get them. Favorites: butterfish with lobster, thai mussels, wild alaskan black cod, and a key lime pie to finish out the meal.

{:mad for: mondays} / apr 16. 2012

no 1- oh joy! labels & stickers: so living in an 800 sq ft apartment requires some creativity when trying to find a place for all of our stuff. our kitchen is especially trying in that the cabinets are tiny, so there really is not much room for anything. in light of this predicament, i bought a lot of stack-able tupperware to put all of my baking accoutrements in. to add some {flavor} to my tupperware, i decided to buy these wonderfully cute labels/stickers from oh joy!. i love.

no 2- camelback waterbottle: my sweet friend ali bought me a camelback waterbottle on amazon two weeks ago, and i have never been so hydrated in my life! i never get thirsty, so i found myself constantly dehydrated and low on energy. ali said that this waterbottle will do the trick, and she was right. i don’t know what it is exactly, but it makes me want to drink more water!

no 3- gourmet popsicles: so these fun-flavored popsicles are apparently the new ‘thing’. being so up on the trends {ha} i finally gave in and bought a popsicle holder and i am loving it! i will do a post on my cocktail-pops, but for now– i would suggest in light of the amazing weather we are having, go out and make yourself some homemade popsicles. {photo cred}

no 4- poppy king j.crew lipstick: ok, i get that this color is way similar to the last one i posted by maybelline, but i am into this color {clearly}. like way into it. what a fun pop of color to add to your summer wardrobe!

no 5- white truffle oil: for those of you who have not joined the truffle bandwagon yet, i think it’s about time you hop on. seriously, i add this stuff to so many of my dishes and it adds a rich, amazing flavor that everyone loves. try it on popcorn with parmesean cheese sprinkled over, or in your homemade mac & cheese! yummmm.


{ :mad for: mondays } / jan 23. 2012

every monday i am going { to attempt} to post a few things that i have been :mad for: {or used a lot} during the previous week. these will all be items i regularly use, books i’m reading, food i’m eating, clothes i’m wearing, and so on. hope you find these things helpful and inspiring!

:insert lame poem here: { mondays no longer have to be a drag. instead, we can be thankful for the things we have! }