current reads / nov 5 2013

remember that time i decided to not blog for about a year? well- a baby happened. a very cute one, at that. ava noelle rogers, born december 26, 2012. poor girl- doomed to a life of christmas birthdays. she has kept her mama very busy- but i am embarking on some new projects and wanted to start writing again, so here i am ready to try this whole blog thing again.

just wanted to share a few books i’m reading now and LOVE.

I’m not big on parenting books- they make me anxious. BUT this one is a gem.

Hints On Child Training- Trumbull

A book written by Elizabeth Elliot’s great-grandfather on child training- it gives such a great understanding of how to train a child, why you’re training, and helpful techniques. I just love it.

Crazy Busy- DeYoung

Still in the middle of it– but its a great book shedding light on a current epidemic in our western culture- that is the business of busyness.

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